Card Issuing

Flexible and customisable card issuing

Open new lines of revenue and have more control over card transactions. Our powerful API and seamless single-point integration enable instant payments across the United Kingdom and Europe.

  • Intuitive card management system
  • Instant payments and transfers
  • Advanced rule-setting and alerts
  • Single and multi-currency card issuing
  • Single-point API integration
  • Custom card packaging

End-to-end card issuing solution

Our single-point API integration and intuitive controls cater to the entire card issuing lifecycle. From cardholder KYC and approvals to advanced fraud prevention and automated renewals, our industry-forward solution is optimized to suit your business needs.


Capture cardholder information and process applications through advanced KYC approvals. Once approved, you can easily set card fees, limits and configure rewards specific to the cardholder, currency, and use.


Enhance your brand with custom card packaging and artwork. We help streamline embossing file creation and dispatch, stock monitoring, and PIN issuance. All plastic cards are EMV contact and contactless compliant.


Our API and intuitive controls mean you can optimize and grow your card issuing capabilities. Send and receive money with ease, update card rewards and redemptions, and process bills and settlements in one place.

Benefits to your business

Payments made powerfully

Minimize CAPEX while processing high throughput on a single-point integration.

Payments made cost-effectively

Lower the total cost of ownership with our integrated system for physical and virtual cards.

Payments made reliable

Meet your customers’ needs anytime, anywhere with secure 3DS 2.1 and ACS security.

Payments made engaging

Easily create and manage new card programs and align to evolving customer needs.

Payments made safe

Minimize transaction and system-related fraud with PCI-DSS certification and EMV compliance.

Payments made real-time

Adjust authorization workflows with ease for proactive rollouts and immediate action.