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Customer engagement through an automated sales force in the Insurance sector has never been more crucial. iPayGreat offers solutions for complete end-to-end field force automation. It enables the field staff to get access to crucial data while on the move. Apart from accessing necessary data from the central database, the solution can also be used to capture pre-requisite customer data which can be easily processed by the back office.

Your sales force can effectively handle field service tasks from virtually any mobile device, accessible whether you’re online or off. We offer a complete and comprehensive array of field force automation solutions that brings transformation in multiple field service functions such as Lead Management System, Need analysis and proposal module, Customer On-Boarding module, Payments module, and incentive calculation module as well as comprehensive reporting functionality.

Our solution helps you address multiple challenges while implementing and executing a robust field force strategy. It is a complete solution for planning, managing, and executing your field force program, offering end-to-end visibility to all the stakeholders in the business ecosystem.

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